5 Basic Steps To create Ads On Facebook

Need to know how to make Facebook advertisements its simple, Let us have a look on 5 basic steps to create ads on Facebook.

Sample: I need to build my guests to my site; here I select choice as “Send individuals to my site”. Here are 5 basic steps to make Facebook promotions:

The beneath picture let’s understand what your’s need and where you want to take your audience to a webpage that has all the information related to your product and services that you offer or get install of your apps be clear with your need and then only you can address to people clearly.

How to create add on Facebook.

Advertise on facebook
Advertising options in Facebook

This image states the type of add need to be selected

Step 1:

The next thing what we going to do was enter the URL of your website.

Objective of your add
Objective of your add

When you type your URL, it suggests something known as campaign name.

Step 2:


All your ads billing and reporting data will be recorded in this currency and time zone.

Step 3:


The above image tells you about, who are your targeted audience and who do you want your adds to reach to.Suppose if my target audience are digital marketing companies then my add will show to those particular people, who I am targeting.

Step 4:


Step 5:


I conclude by stating the above  are 5 basic steps to create ads on Facebook. You would feel much more interesting to know how to use social Media to get profitable Facebook ads


Search Engine Updates‬: Precautionary steps

Due to frequent search engine updates of algorithms there is a drastic fall of search results the sites that are shown first may disappear there is no solution for this but there are few steps which keep you away from this problem to some extent. Please make a note that the change in results are not entirely due to updating of algorithm changes are natural it may vary from site to site it again depends on the content, title tags , indexing etc.

‪‎Get ready with your targeted keywords:

Generally we target some specific keywords up to some extent after that we are in a hunt for new keywords the keywords that sounds exactly like your product but it’s not exactly when we try to optimize for it most of the people have a opinion that these keywords fetch’s the results but it also effects the impact of the original keywords and drastically there is a slowdown in traffic.

‪‎Use Long Tail Keywords:

By optimizing to long tail keywords you will save up to some extent from search engine updates because it has been proved that most of the visitors that are visiting through long tail keywords are highly convertible into business. Not only had that it had less impact from algorithm updates because of less competition rate.

‎Select Keyword That Has Less Competition:

Select the keywords in such a way that the competition for that keyword must be low. For example: Let us assume that the keyword that I had selected has a competition of “TEN” even though if it got affected by the updates then will be available on 10th at least after search engine updates. Which will be better to rank hundredth position?

Publishing Original Content:

It has been proved that the websites those who are frequently updating the content are less effected by search engine updates and they are more attractive to their audience prepare your site in such a way that it should make sense on the minds of audience. For example: Publish articles related to your product, Keep the customers reviews of your product that makes a huge difference it keeps you away from the crowd of competition.

Get Back Links From Genuine Sites:

This is very important getting a link from the reputed sites and the site that has a very good presence. For Example: suppose I am looking to have a dog then I have to have a link from blue cross society. This plays a major impact in ranking.

‪‎Presence on Social Networks:

As we are targeting to a specific people or group the best way is to be in social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter etc. It helps to increase the ratio of organic visitors that are coming to our website.

I conclude by stating that by following these metrics there are chances to rank among the top 10 search results shown by the Google even through these are few which may put you on a safe when search engine gets updated.

Search Engine Optimization paved a new way to improve ROI

‪‎SEO has driven a new path for the companies to maximize their expenses and to drive maximum profits. Now a day every small to big organizations are using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a tool to increase organic visitors and to create good awareness about their brand. Few big bands such as Pepsi.co, Microsoft are even tend to go with digital marketing it has led to create a new path for marketing threw digital era.

As we all know that SEO fetches organic results as if it is a long term process the start-up digital marketers must keep in their mind the five most committed mistakes in SEO.

Mistake#1-Duplicate Content:

This was the major mistake committed by most of the search engine optimizer to rank first in search engines they simply borrow the content from different sources, But the major thing we need to keep in our mind is that search engines can track and filter the duplicate content very easily and there might be a change to decrease in the ranking sometimes your web page might not be ranked properly.


I understand that getting a unique content was extremely difficult but there is way if we could focus on features of the product that makes a difference from us with our competitor.

Example: Suppose the product we sell was exactly matched to the product that are been sold by our competitor at this scenario we can specifically target on the reviews that we already got from the customers side regarding our product or by giving brief note on the product details, Specifications. So like was it makes customers to engage more with your product and it may drive to improve sale of that particular product.

Mistake#2-Lack of Content:

It is much important to have enough content before creating your web pages , It is not much important to have a good website but instead we need to take care of the what message does it reveals to my targeted audience.


As we discussed early on the above the same solution would be applicable as there was no miracle to be done to get content. Instead we can focus on the features and specifications of our product and what can make them different from others.

Mistake#3-Poor URLs, non-optimized titles and descriptions:

Most of the websites what we are using today are ready made, We buy it from other means and we create pages from other sources and we use it generally this was the routine thing that happens, But it fetches us a new problems such as Lack of visibility in search engine, Less amount of visitors etc. To rectify these again we need to go back to the person who has created the site and we need to say him to correct the errors,

For Example:

Some typical urls are like this http://www.more.com/productid=00897?. So this doesn’t know which path it leads to and it was not recognized by search engine.

Good source of URL’s have http://www.more/electronics/heaters/ was a good source of URL it explains the user at what category they are.

Best URL’s possess good title name, Description and meta tags so it becomes for the search engines to recognize.


Go with your designer and tell him to make sure to change the URLs to a SEO friendly and not only that if you want to change something need to use 301 redirects so that search engines can follow the page without an effect in your ranking.

Mistake#4-Website are not optimized for mobile phones:

The trends has been changed and there was a change with respect to the way people search in internet. To get good number of visitors the website must be mobile friendly because most search took place over mobile phones, If your website was not mobile optimized then you are out of the show.