Search Engine Updates‬: Precautionary steps

Due to frequent search engine updates of algorithms there is a drastic fall of search results the sites that are shown first may disappear there is no solution for this but there are few steps which keep you away from this problem to some extent. Please make a note that the change in results are not entirely due to updating of algorithm changes are natural it may vary from site to site it again depends on the content, title tags , indexing etc.

‪‎Get ready with your targeted keywords:

Generally we target some specific keywords up to some extent after that we are in a hunt for new keywords the keywords that sounds exactly like your product but it’s not exactly when we try to optimize for it most of the people have a opinion that these keywords fetch’s the results but it also effects the impact of the original keywords and drastically there is a slowdown in traffic.

‪‎Use Long Tail Keywords:

By optimizing to long tail keywords you will save up to some extent from search engine updates because it has been proved that most of the visitors that are visiting through long tail keywords are highly convertible into business. Not only had that it had less impact from algorithm updates because of less competition rate.

‎Select Keyword That Has Less Competition:

Select the keywords in such a way that the competition for that keyword must be low. For example: Let us assume that the keyword that I had selected has a competition of “TEN” even though if it got affected by the updates then will be available on 10th at least after search engine updates. Which will be better to rank hundredth position?

Publishing Original Content:

It has been proved that the websites those who are frequently updating the content are less effected by search engine updates and they are more attractive to their audience prepare your site in such a way that it should make sense on the minds of audience. For example: Publish articles related to your product, Keep the customers reviews of your product that makes a huge difference it keeps you away from the crowd of competition.

Get Back Links From Genuine Sites:

This is very important getting a link from the reputed sites and the site that has a very good presence. For Example: suppose I am looking to have a dog then I have to have a link from blue cross society. This plays a major impact in ranking.

‪‎Presence on Social Networks:

As we are targeting to a specific people or group the best way is to be in social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter etc. It helps to increase the ratio of organic visitors that are coming to our website.

I conclude by stating that by following these metrics there are chances to rank among the top 10 search results shown by the Google even through these are few which may put you on a safe when search engine gets updated.


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