5 Basic Steps To create Ads On Facebook

Need to know how to make Facebook advertisements its simple, Let us have a look on 5 basic steps to create ads on Facebook.

Sample: I need to build my guests to my site; here I select choice as “Send individuals to my site”. Here are 5 basic steps to make Facebook promotions:

The beneath picture let’s understand what your’s need and where you want to take your audience to a webpage that has all the information related to your product and services that you offer or get install of your apps be clear with your need and then only you can address to people clearly.

How to create add on Facebook.

Advertise on facebook
Advertising options in Facebook

This image states the type of add need to be selected

Step 1:

The next thing what we going to do was enter the URL of your website.

Objective of your add
Objective of your add

When you type your URL, it suggests something known as campaign name.

Step 2:


All your ads billing and reporting data will be recorded in this currency and time zone.

Step 3:


The above image tells you about, who are your targeted audience and who do you want your adds to reach to.Suppose if my target audience are digital marketing companies then my add will show to those particular people, who I am targeting.

Step 4:


Step 5:


I conclude by stating the above  are 5 basic steps to create ads on Facebook. You would feel much more interesting to know how to use social Media to get profitable Facebook ads



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